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How to Use the Calibration Function in DinoCapture

1.  Select a known measurement standard, such as a ruler, to be used for calibration.  Take a picture of the selected measurement calibration standard.

2.  Now open the picture of the measurement calibration standard.

3.  Determine the magnification value by reading the number from the DinoLite adjustment dial.  Enter this value in the “input mag” box located in upper right hand corner of the screen.

4.  Now click on the measurement icon located on the top of the window and Select “Calibration”.

5.  Take a sample measurement of the selected calibration standard by clicking a beginning and ending point across the known measurement value (such as 5mm’s, half inch, etc).   The measurement value before calibration will be displayed (5.179mm in the example below).

6.  Enter the exact known value of the measurement sample (5.0mm in this example) in the “Adjusted Mag.” window and then click “OK”.

7.  The software will automatically calibrate the magnification rate and will show the adjusted magnification rate at the upper-right corner of the picture.

8.  Now the software is ready to take calibrated measurements with the adjusted magnification rate. To verify calibration simply take another measurement of a known measurement value.

1. Calibration can be done at both lower magnification rates (<80x) and higher magnification rates (>80x) respectively, but will be more accurate if the calibration is done at the magnification rate close
to the one used for measurement.
2. The calibration can be cleared by selecting “Clear All Calibration”.  
3. The calibration could be temporarily disabled by deselecting “Measure with Adjusted Mag. Rate”. The Adjusted Mag. will not be shown in the picture if the calibration is disabled.

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