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  The bundled software, "DinoCapture", allows the user to take a snapshot, video or time-lapsed video with just a click on TV or Computer. A user friendly interface to create a movie in AVI format. The video quality can be adjusted by video compression setting. Multiple pictures can be easily compared on screen as well! The range of magnifications goes from 10X to 200X and 500X for great selection in image viewing. The white LED light equipped with the digital microscope will enhance the illumination to improve resolution. Images and Data can be stored in the computer hard drive, CD, DVD or Polaroid and Video. The emailing function included with the software allows for the instant sending of images from remote locations around the world.
Product Applications

Laboratories / Pharmaceutical
Drugs Research and Development on the molecular level, ex. Drug-to-Drug Interactions.

Medical Analysis Medical Analysis
Disease Analysis and Diagnostics, ex. Cell Formations or Bacteria and Parasite Examination
Educationand Research Educationand Research
Scientificand technology, ex. School Project, Report, Presentation and Emailing with Ease.
Insects/Plants Dissection Insects/Plants Dissection
Animal or Plant physiology, ex. Dissection and Culturing.
Dermatology Dermatology
Skin or Scalp Check, ex. fordiagnosis, cosmetic, follow up, hair loss treatment, etc
Collections/Coin/Jewelry/Watch Collections/Coin/Jewelry/Watch
Valuable Collections Inspections, ex. Coin, jewelry or watch Inspection. Surface, Year and Quality checks.
Textile/Printing Industry Printing Industry
Quality Control and Product management, ex. Printing color checks.
Computer/Telecom Industry Industrial/Textile
Control & Product management. Research & Development, quality control, etc. Circuit Boards, Modules or Component Part Number Identifications, Inspections and Repairing.
Online Chatting Online Chatting
Web cam, Online Chatwith Real-Time Image or stored image. Compatible with MSN IM and other messenger softwaremaking teleconferencing easier.
Reading Aid Reading Aid
No Need to Change Lenses. A Simple Adjustment on Focus. Best for Patients with Ophthalmic Problems and Elders.
Counterfeit Identification Law Enforcement
Counterfeit Identification.Investigation, currency Assessment and IDevaluation for bothsecurityand fraud



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